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What we do

Anah Project provides a linguistically diverse model of support for women experiencing any form of abuse.

We understand the damaging effect that abuse can have on women. Abuse can leave women with little or no financial or personal freedom.

For this reason, we aim to educate women on their human rights, increase their confidence and self-esteem and regain their independence. We do this by delivering support that focuses on a woman’s individual needs and providing them with information and practical support with benefits, housing, medical help, counselling, immigration, divorce, employment and education.


Our refuge is a safe house where women are supported and secure, can explore their feelings and discuss their future plans. Support staff are on site to help women on their journey to recovery from domestic violence.

The refuge features:

  • three bathrooms
  • a large lounge
  • a large kitchen divided into two sections to cater for halal and non-halal
  • a utility room that consists of a washing machine, a dryer and ironing facilities.

You can view photos and a video of our refuge here

My keyworker helped me to build my confidence and now I’m a full-time student studying my A-levels

We offer help, advice and support as soon as you contact us. We accept self-referrals as well as referrals from agencies. Some women contact us just to seek advice and support over the phone (0845 960 6011). Those looking for a bed at the refuge are either given a space, or if no space is available, are referred to alternative suitable support services.

Each woman is assigned a support worker, who will support her from crisis point through to recovery and moving on. Women also receive personalised support after they have left the refuge. We do this in-house and through our trusted external training providers.

Training, education and employment

Once a woman feels settled and ready to consider education or training, we offer many refuge-based training activities as part of her support and recovery program.

Each woman has her own individual journey, from accessing ESOL classes to improve her English to building on previous education in order to enter into employment.

Our in-house training sessions act as a bridge for women to transition into training and educational opportunities outside of the refuge. This is especially important for those who are returning after a significant length of time away from education, have been prevented from accessing education in the past or who have no previous qualifications or training.
Many women go on to access external accredited courses, based on our excellent relationships with local training providers, community centres, schools and colleges.

Our in-house training covers topics such as:

  • embracing equality and diversity
  • moving on
  • building confidence and self-esteem
  • crime prevention
  • online safety
  • self-development & exercise
  • healthy relationships
  • mental wellbeing
  • self-esteem
  • life skills

Health and wellbeing

At Anah Project, there is great importance on looking after your own health and wellbeing. The project doesn’t just provide emotional support through counselling and one-to-one sessions. We also encourage women to enhance their own wellbeing through physical activities such as Zumba and walking.

We support women of all abilities – there is always something new to try.

We encourage women to engage in social activities and events in order to overcome any isolation, loneliness or depression that they may be feeling. We help women focus on their needs and help them to work with their difficulties, turning negative impact into positive outcomes and empowering them to rebuild their lives with confidence.

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