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Our approach

Anah Project provides a safe environment and practical support to women who want to regain control over their lives. We ensure that women are aware of and have access to all of our services, so that they can get the help and support they need to deal with the effects of their abuse.

The women we support are given help to determine, outline and achieve their goals, enabling them to gain enough confidence to make their own decisions.

Anah Project is culturally aware, sensitive, multilingual, aware of barriers and boundaries, inclusive, service user focused and collaborative through our interagency work. As an advocate organisation, Anah Project actively promotes the interests of women who have been historically and are still disadvantaged within our society.

The board of trustees strive to ensure that their members reflect the demographics of our local community. The trustees and staff also positively encourage the participation of all groups of women. This includes BAMER women, women in same-sex relationships and women from other disadvantaged groups.

Anah Project works from the principles of empowerment, collective action, self-help, mutual aid, inclusion and equality. We recognise the diversity of women’s lives and aim to be accessible to all women. We are committed to ensuring that the principles of our work with women, reflect the manner in which we operate internally and as an organisation.


Anah Project is currently made up of nine trustees, and the equivalent of eight full time frontline staff, who all work hard to provide an excellent service to women fleeing abuse.

We regularly represent Anah Project at various meetings such as:

  • Women’s Aid regional
  • Imkaan
  • The Female Genital Mutilation Multi Agency board
  • The Safeguarding, Domestic Violence & Sexual Violence Strategy board
  • Non-statutory housing
  • District Assembly Equality forum
  • The Safer Communities Partnership Board

We were thrilled in 2019 to receive the Women’s Aid national quality standard, in recognition of our work.

Women's Aid

Impact of our work

Anah Project remains committed to providing a high quality service to the women we represent. To help achieve this, we regularly undertake a series of consultations, service user questionnaires, stakeholder/referring agency feedback questionnaires and staff consultations. Feedback is used to inform our internal service review.

The impact of our work is shared through our annual general meeting. Reports are also sent to our key stakeholders.

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