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Moving on Into Independent Living skills

98% of service users accessing refuge accommodation at Anah, have never lived alone before. 

Through various opportunities such as in house training, key working, one to one discussions, service user engagement opportunities and peer support, service users are empowered to achieve independent living and tenancy/home management skills. These skills help to reduce vulnerability, increasing confidence and self-esteem supporting survivors to make positive informed choices and improve lives. 

Development focuses on the following key aspects

 • Learn how to take care of yourself (including emotional wellbeing, physical wellbeing and personal safety)

 • Personal growth and problem solving

 • Cooking, Healthy Eating and Nutrition

 • Home management and home safety (including reporting repairs and conducting basic repairs)

 • Financial management (including budgeting, avoiding debt, gaining work skills and into Employment)

 • Emergency preparedness (including fire safety awareness, self-defence and calling an ambulance)

 • Community access; and

 • Improved Social Networks.