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Enhancing self-care: Embracing cultural contexts for Black and Minoritised Communities

Self-care deeply resonates within Black and Minority Communities (BMC), intricately woven into their traditions and values. Recognising and respecting these practices becomes essential, empowering BMC individuals to prioritise their mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Exploring cultural significance

In BMC, self-care surpasses routines, embodying their rich cultural heritage and communal ties. Ancestral healing, holistic remedies, and communal gatherings fortify resilience amid life’s challenges. The blend of spirituality and cultural preservation significantly shapes BMC individuals’ identities and well-being.

In her compelling TEDx talk titled “The Missing Ingredient in Self Care”, Portia Jackson-Preston delves into the repercussions of ignoring our body’s signals in the pursuit of constant productivity. She shares her personal journey, emphasising the transformative power of self-care in restoring her health and advocating its universal relevance. Portia’s passion lies in advocating for a holistic self-care approach, acknowledging how cultural and societal factors, alongside experiences of discrimination, impact the necessity and willingness for self-care practices. As an Assistant Professor in Public Health, her research centres on addressing health disparities and promoting equity through inclusive self-care strategies, reflecting her academic expertise and dedication to fostering a more comprehensive understanding of wellness. This enlightening talk underscores the importance of self-care in the face of societal pressures and personal well-being.

Navigating challenges and embracing empowerment

Despite abundant cultural self-care, BMC faces distinct challenges from societal pressures and multiple identities. Embracing these practices becomes an empowering tool, enabling individuals to reclaim health control and bolster self-worth.

The vital role of culturally relevant self-care

Acknowledging and embracing these cultural traditions empowers BMC individuals, fostering a profound sense of belonging, resilience, and deeper cultural roots. This holistic approach not only nurtures mental well-being and self-acceptance but also cultivates an enduring connection to their cultural heritage.

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