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New West Yorkshire Mayor and Deputy Mayor visit Anah Project

It was an honour to welcome Tracy Brabin (Lord Mayor of West Yorkshire), Alison Lowe (Deputy Mayor) , Sabiya Khan (Councillor) and Sharon Waugh (Engagement Manager at West Yorkshire Combined Authority, Policing and Crime Department) to the Anah Project today, who had come to meet both staff and service users.

It was highly reassuring to hear from respective members about their continued shared commitment to end violence against women and girls

As a specialist safe accommodation provider for black and minoritised women and girls, we fully support the Mayor’s pledge to keep women and girls safe. We were thrilled to see ‘put keeping women and girls safe at the heart of my policing plan’ as one Tracy’s ten pledges to West Yorkshire, and we look forward to supporting her and Alison in their ambition to make the combined authority a safer place for women and girls to live and thrive.