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Anah Project: Cyber Essentials Plus Certified

Living in the digital age emphasises the importance of safeguarding sensitive information, particularly for organisations like Anah Project, dedicated to supporting vulnerable women and girls escaping domestic abuse. Anah Project proudly announces its achievement of the Cyber Essentials Plus certification, aligning its operations with robust cybersecurity standards.

In a noteworthy collaboration, Perform Partners, exemplifying corporate responsibility, joined forces with Anah Project to elevate cybersecurity measures. Through effective communication, they clarified complex technical concepts, enabling Anah Project to grasp cybersecurity details and proactively enhance system security. Perform Partners’ support not only facilitated certification but also authorised Anah Project to safeguard sensitive data effectively.

Their commitment to the mission and cybersecurity expertise enhances confidence and capability, reinforcing the organisation’s commitment to ensuring safety, privacy, and trust for the individuals they serve.

Anah Project extends heartfelt appreciation to Perform Partners for making a positive difference in strengthening their mission.

Certified: Cyber Essentials Plus - Ensuring robust cybersecurity standards for enhanced protection.
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